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An original Japanese restaurant full of originality

Hello! Creative Japanese food located in Osaka Metro Nakazakicho Station, a 3-minute walk.

Do you like Japanese food?

There may be more than a few people who seem at first seemingly high up.

The delicious in-house shiitake is set as the scene where you can feel free to visit such as lunch, dinner, course food, à la carte (single item). In addition, price is relatively reasonable price setting (^ ^ ^)

In addition, there are a lot of new sense dishes that are not in Japanese food until now. For example, chop cabbage and green onion, grate the yam, mix everything and bake with cheese. Then you will have something like okonomiyaki. However, it is much easier to eat than okonomiyaki and it is very easy to eat (* '▽')

Besides, there is also a dish called "meat and potato dome" that is well-received by customers. It looks like croquettes, but when eaten it tastes like meat and potatoes (^ ^ ♪

There are still many other new dishes. ! A lot of Japanese and Western dishes too! !

With regard to course dishes, you can enjoy both meat and fish in a single meal, and we will respond on request (^ ^)!

It is recommended in various scenes such as girl's society and date, meal with family, return from work ♪

We look forward to your visit to everyone! (^ ^)

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