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New sense! Meat potato dome


A 3-minute walk from Nakazakicho Station, it is a delicious Japanese-style cooking dish called “Beautiful in House Shige”.

We offer creative Japanese cuisine with a new sense that goes beyond the boundaries of cooking.

Among them, today we will introduce "meat and potato dome" that has been well received by customers ♪

First, wrap the black haired beef shoulder loin with onions in a “meat and potato breeze” in a domed shape with boiled potatoes.

It was fried in oil, spread under butter, red wine, soy sauce-based sweet and sour sauce, garnished with potatoes, carrots and onions, and finished fashionable.

It looks like a meat and potatoes, but when you eat it tastes like that meat and potatoes (^ ^) /

Please enjoy the classic meat and potatoes of Japanese cuisine with a new sense ♪

At “Delicious in Iesushige”, it is reasonable to carefully select seasonal ingredients for such innovative Japanese food creation dishes

I make it with all my heart so that everyone can eat deliciously and happily.

The world is Golden Week from tomorrow.

This year's 10 consecutive holidays and large consecutive holidays, so many people from far away will visit Osaka.

In our shop, we have prepared a complete smoke-free private room for young children and women.

There are a wide variety of menus that are easy for children to eat, so please come and enjoy Osaka Japanese food with your family on this occasion!

We look forward to your visit.


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