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A creative restaurant that transcends the boundaries of cooking.


A 3-minute walk from Nakazakicho Station, it is a delicious Japanese-style cooking dish called “Beautiful in House Shige”.

Everyone, do you like Japanese food?

Some people may feel that they are traditional and have a high threshold, but our shop not only delivers seasonal ingredients with a standard recipe.

The emphasis is on creative dishes created with new cooking methods that no one has ever met.

Recommended dishes from the lunch menu, according to the course dishes and the scene of everyone to one-course dishes

Every time I come, with new discoveries, I will deliver time to relax and enjoy Japanese food deliciously and happily.

The store also has a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere so that women and children can relax in a fully smoked private room.

We also offer courses for women, such as women's association and mom friend association ♪


Eating delicious things that are seasonal in the season is the best reward for the body.

Now, "seasonal items" that are paralyzed just because it is easy to get various ingredients regardless of the season.

Please enjoy the joy of eating seasonal items in our shop through colorful, delicious food that you will enjoy watching and seeing ♪

Creative food with a new sense beyond the boundaries of cooking! !

"I want to eat something a bit good" "I want to enjoy a meal slowly"

Such people, please come to Nakazaki-cho, Higashi Umeda, "Beautiful in House Shige"!

We look forward to your visit.

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