In our shop, we offer creative Japanese cuisine with a new sense that goes beyond the boundaries of cooking.

Recommended dishes of our shop

A crab cream croquette made by a shopkeeper who hates milk
It is a croquette that you can enjoy the rich taste of Toro Toro crab.
600 yen
Beef stew with plenty of meat made by a Japanese restaurant
A dish that you can enjoy the taste of meat that is so thick that you can not think it was made by a Japanese-style restaurant.
800 yen
Sausage saute red wine sauce
You can enjoy the taste of soft miso with a mild red wine sauce.
800 yen

Today's recommendation (example)

Construction of natural rattan 850 yen
Sweet potato 850 yen
Cold yellowtail 850 yen
Sculpting 800 yen
Yokoko 850 yen
Sanuki salmon made 800 yen
Source of cold yellowtail teriyaki eggplant pepper 850 yen
Shaanxi gyoen 800 yen
Sanuki salmon saute shiba prawn sauce 800 yen
Wagyu beef meat and potato dome [new sense meat and potato] 950 yen
Kuroge Wagyu beef shoulder loin shabu soup tailoring 800 yen
Meat croquettes of Japanese beef and shrimp 750 yen
Garlic oil grilled with local chicken and seasonal vegetables 800 yen
Cheese grilled with chicken and inca 800 yen
Persimmon spring roll 800 yen
Fried oysters with persimmon 800 yen
Amadai Tempura 980 yen
Deep-fried sour bean source 850 yen
Stir-fried shrimp, cauliflower and asparagus 800 yen
Japanese style fried noodle with crispy vegetables 850 yen

※ We may change by season and stocking.

One dish

Today's recommended sashimi 800 yen ...
Assorted sashimi 1,500 yen ...
Meat dishes of the shopkeeper 900円~
Today's Recommended Grilled Fish 800 yen ...
The shopkeeper makes a push and today's appetizer salad 800 yen ...
Our favorite fried fish 800 yen ...
Today's tempura platter 1,500 yen
Today's soup 800 yen
A crab cream croquette made by a shopkeeper who hates milk 700円
Cold pasta with tomatoes and tea soba 780円
魚介の海鮮パスタ 1,200円
Toro Toro egg and cutlet 750 yen
Crab salad 780円
Sandwich with crab salad and seaweed roll 800 yen
Noodles 800 yen
Grilled crab onigiri tea pickles 780円
Crab fried rice 880円
Omille rice made by fancy shopkeepers 880円
Local chicken's tea soba 880円
Beef red meat roast beef 950 yen
Sausage saute red wine sauce 950 yen
Local chicken and seasonal vegetable oil chicken 850 yen
Deep-fried chicken with crispy sauce 850 yen
Beef stew made by a Japanese restaurant 880円
Mita pork mille beef cutlet 800 yen
Mita Poxote 800 yen
Matsumae-yaki of local chicken 850 yen
Fried rice with mochi 850 yen
White fish fried in yuba cheese 950 yen
Fresh spring roll of white fish 900円
Goldfish and salt grilled boule bran sauce 980 yen
Grilled white fish 950 yen
Tempura of white fish 800 yen
White fish fry crispy vegetable tartare 800 yen
White fish omelet 850 yen
Fried salmon with yam and shrimp 800 yen
日替りブイヤベース 980 yen